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Will our loved one ever receive the needed care at home?

The answer to this is emphatically yes! If your loved one is a candidate for home health care, the level of usually higher than that of a long-term care solution. That is not to say that long-term care facilities are unable to give good care, but that the care given to an individual who is in a one-to-one basis can often times be more encompassing. Clients find that in addition to having their physical needs safely met, is also accomplished by providing such tasks as psycho-social dialogue and / or activities that allow clients to remain at home and maintain their independence, social ties, and their sense of respect, security and control.

Is Above All Home Health Care Services Inc. a licensed Agency?

Yes Above All Home Health Care Services Inc. is a New York State licensed and bonded agency. It is our mission mandate responsibility to provide you with qualified and experienced caregivers that will exceed your expectations. If for any reason a client is not satisfied with a caregiver, Above All Home Health Care Services Inc. will make every effort to find an adequate replacement without delay to the client’s satisfaction.

In what geographic areas are your services covered?

We provide services in all the five boroughs, of NYC; Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester county.

How long does it take to provide an aide if am in need of one?

Depending on the need of the client and situation, location, and what kind of caregiver is needed, we will make every effort to provide you with a compassionate and caring caregiver within 24 hours.

Will I be given the opportunity to meet and interview the caregiver?

The answer is yes definitely! Caregivers can be interviewed for the right choice, in your home, in the hospital or in a place and time most convenient to you before the start of services.

What happens in the event my care giver can’t make it to work?

Should your caregiver become ill, need a vacation or time-off, Above All Home Health Care Services Inc. will immediately find a temporary replacement who will be equally qualified to meet your every need until your regular care provider becomes available. We assure you that a client will never be left unattended or without a caregiver for a period of time.

Assignments and referrals are received from whom?

Above All Home Health Care Services Inc. accepts assignments from Medicaid, Private Payment, Workers Compensation, and Guardianship Programs. Referrals are also received from physicians, discharge planners, social workers, nurses, community organizations, rehabilitation facilities. patients and families.

Can Above All Home Health Care Services be reached during nights and weekends?

Absolutely! We are available to offer you assistance 24 hours a day and seven days per week to answer all of your concerns and questions . Our service is caring and listening as we fulfill the needs of our clients. And while we realize that no person-to-person business is ever perfect, we will make every effort to fulfill the needs of every client and be open and welcome any and all comments, suggestions, and ideas.